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Online coaching 

You are different. No one else lives with your unique set of circumstances, responses to stimuli and goals. Online coaching takes the guess work out of your training by giving you clear instructions on what to do and how to do it. I've spent years reading the research and applying them to myself, training and clients so you don't have to. 

The details 

Initial assesment - opening Questionnaire

I want to find out more about you - training background (if any), preferences, goals, available time and equipment.


Mobility Assessment & Movement Analysis

Based on your current ability, I will prescribe some basic mobility and strength movements for you to complete and video. I'll analyse the footage to assess your current level of mobility and strength and how this compares to your goals. 


4 weeks of personalised programming

Clearly laid out program of movements with reps, sets and rest periods all detailed. There will also be videos of each movement and key personalized cues. Based on your progress the exercises will change to keep you advancing.

Google Doc Tracking
Tracking helps both me and you - I can see how you are getting on with rep ranges and also check in to see you are making it through each of the workouts. This also helps me update the programme every 4 weeks. This helps you stay on top of your training and alows you to see progress over time.


Feedback on exercises 
As you start performing new movements, I will provide feedback through video analysis to ensure you're doing them right. The best way to do this is to film on your phone (with a tripod like this, or make your own) and send over to me via whatsapp.

Questions answered
When you have a question on training send it over, I will normally respond on the day and in the form of a WhatsApp or video message.


Initial Assessment

£50 / €55

4 Weeks Programming

£100 / €110

(£150 / €165 for the first month then £100 / €110 for every subsequent month)

Although I'd recommend 3 months to see the impact of the training there is no obligation to continue. The service should speak for itself.

Robin & Elisa Hartfield-Cross

Tel: +34 623 100 886 or +44 7515171918 

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